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February 2022
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For asset managers, the social media journey appears to be endless. You get your head around LinkedIn and Twitter and then find that the real engagement is happening on Instagram. You master Instagram and then somebody shows you an adviser on TikTok with 300,000 followers. Oh yes, and all her posts are in rap form which your son has to explain to you. Insert face-palm emoji here.

But we can only start from where we are and at Citywire Engage, we wanted to find out what you were up to. So we spoke to some 250 asset management marketeers on both sides of the Atlantic to find out how they are using social media.

With thanks to all of those who responded, we present the results below. Just scroll down.

• Twitter has overtaken LinkedIn in the US
• TikTok is in the sights of companies on both sides of the pond.
• Europe/UK businesses post more often than US ones
• But US budgets are bigger
• Everybody struggles to prove the ROI of social

We have a bunch of people at Citywire Engage who might be able to help you on this, so please do drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you

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